5 Instagram Accounts That Will Take Your Healthy Breakfast to The Next Level

“The breakfast of champions,” they say. “It’s the most important meal of the whole day!”

But this doesn’t motivate me to want to eat breakfast in the mornings – I hate breakfast food and healthy snacking is hard. So why is it actually necessary?

Overnight, our body is at rest and considered to be ‘fasting’, and it’s recommended we – as adults – should be getting 8 hours of sleep. That’s a long time to go without eating!

Truth is – if you don’t eat in the morning, then you won’t have the energy needed for the whole entire day; which in return will affect your concentration, mood, and of course weight maintenance. Literally, the day I started to research this article, I skipped breakfast and all I could think of all day was “Where should I go for lunch?” “I’m starving!” “I hope this meeting is over as soon as it’s lunch time, because working like this is unbearable.” Do you see what I mean?

Starting off the day right by making healthy choices earlier in the day, has been shown to continue all throughout the day. Also, it helps maintain blood sugar levels, prevents binge eating (like what I’m about to do in T minus 6 minutes), and all-in-all sets the tone for a full day of healthy eating!

Waking up is hard. Waking up and creating a healthy and delicious breakfast meal is even harder… And typically unheard of in my routine. So here are a few ideas I’ve found have worked for me:

  1. Get up 10 minutes earlier every morning.
  2. Start planning the night before.
  3. Make some thick “Overnight Oatmeal” with nuts and dried fruit on top.
  4. Cut up veggies the night before to throw on top of an omelet in the morning.
  5. Add fruit and nuts to your whole grain cereal in a tupperware for ‘OntheGo’ convenience.
  6. Feeling extra good? Make a waffle or pancake – with wheat germ in the mix – the night before, throw it in the toaster while you’re fixing your hair, and throw some peanut butter and berries on top.

Of course reading off a few ideas isn’t going to make you thinner or stronger – but having a place to start with should take off some of the pressure. If you’re anything like me – you hate eating in the morning. You’d rather put that time into your hair or a few extra minutes of sleep – but here are a few Instagram accounts that give you great inspiration to start your day the right way!

I love these accounts not only because they make eating healthier lazy for me – but they’re adorable and explain the recipes in a manner that just simply make you laugh.

1. breakfastcriminals : A super cute pale-crazed foodie! You will LOVE this Paleo Friendly Acai Berry Loaf (see photo above)! Yum!! Recipe Here

2. sheloveseating : Cake for breakfast? Um, yes please… Berries + Chia Seeds + Bananas + Coconut Butter + Lots of love! This is for when you’ve got a bit more time in the mornings or the night before – but you will NOT regret this recipe linked here!

3. healthforhappy : Extremely healthy and happy, she works with a modeling management company – so being fit is a must in her industry. Check out this delicious piece pictured to the right: 2 Slices Whole Grain Toast + Avocado + Lemon Juice + Himalayan Salt + All Natural Peanut Butter + Banana Slices

4. aspoonfulofhealth_ : Breakfast just got a whole lot yummier – click here for an amazing overnight oatmeal recipe!

Welcome back to breakfast! And let me know if you feel a difference in your energy or concentration when you give these delicious recipes a try!

Healthy eating my friends!

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