Weight Loss 

Wines and Waist Lines

Sure… you’re a pro at checking labels at the grocery store, but when you hit the liquor store for a bottle of wine, nutrition facts are practically non-existent.  Luckily, armed with some basic knowledge, you can easily figure out which wines are the best buys for your bikini body as well as your palette. I found the best tips for finding great-tasting wines that won’t derail your diet. Check the ABV While there are no actual nutrition labels on bottles of wine, there is one indicator you can use to…

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These Are the 4 Exact Meals a Bikini Bodybuilder Eats in a Day

A bodybuilder’s diet is just as important – if not more important – than their workout routine. What they eat depends on what they’re trying to accomplish, which means their intake of protein or carbs will change if they’re trying to cut or if they’re attempting to put on more mass. Diksha Gautham, NPC bikini bodybuilding competitor and NASM-certified personal trainer in-progress, shared with me her diet on the days leading up to her recent competition. And not only is it impressive, but it obviously really works! “My diet when I prepped for my bikini show cut was high-protein, low-carb, and medium-fat,”…

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