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Cellulite, Sagging, Acne – Oh My!

Especially as we approach the winter months and your skin starts to dry out, you need to be taking care of your skin! One surprising ingredient that’s great for rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin is COFFEE! Crazy, right? BENEFITS OF COFFEE FOR SKIN: • Caffeine in coffee can tighten skin, smooth puffiness, fight free radicals and help fight cellulite and acne. • It firms the skin thereby reducing the cellulite. • Coffee plumps your skin and adds a healthy glow to it. • It has antimicrobial actin that keeps acne-causing microbes at bay. • Coffee…

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Face Yoga: Does it Even Work?

Just so you guys know – I’m not against aging. I want to live a long life, and that means I’m going to get old. The changes that go along with that are not signs of failure. And yet, some of the more overt signs of aging – sagging skin, brittle hair, and a hopeless relationship with technology—aren’t qualities I’m exactly eager to embrace either. In my pro-aging zeal, I exercise regularly, color my locks, and at least try new tech all the time. So when “Yoga for Your Face” popped up on my…

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